Mar 02, 2023

The ONESUN team from China is a team dedicated to developing and producing water sports products. We are committed to providing users with a more convenient, fashionable, and environmentally friendly water sports experience. In 2023, in order to promote our products and expand brand influence, our team participated in the 2023 DUBAI BOOT SHOW held in Dubai, showcasing our team's latest product development in 2023, attracting the attention and cooperation of many foreign brand merchants.


At this ship exhibition, the ONESUN team mainly showcased the latest SUP BOARD and INFLATABLE KAYAK products developed in 23 years. Both types of products have made innovative improvements on the basis of traditional water sports, allowing users to more easily enjoy the fun of water sports and lowering the threshold.



SUP BOARD is a new type of surfboard that adopts an inflatable design, allowing users to stand and control on water in a balanced manner, with good stability and portability. And INFLATABLE KAYAK is an inflatable kayak, which is more lightweight and portable compared to traditional kayaks, while also having good stability and adaptability.

These two products have received widespread attention and praise at the ship exhibition, attracting many foreign brand merchants' cooperation intentions. The ONESUN team actively communicated with these brand merchants, gaining a deeper understanding of their needs and intentions, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation. During this trip to Dubai, the ONESUN team is not only promoting their products, but also enhancing their international visibility and influence. This exhibition provides team members with the opportunity to communicate with professionals from around the world and showcase the company's latest products to them. Secondly, the purpose of participating in the exhibition is to attract more cooperation from foreign brand merchants, which is very important for the development of the team. During the exhibition, the ONESUN team carefully listened to the professional opinions and suggestions from all parties, and also showcased the team's products and technical strength to many brand merchants. In the communication and exchange with brand merchants, the team learned about market demands and trends, which is very helpful for the team's future product development and strategic planning.

In addition to SUP BOARD and INFLATABLE KAYAK, our team has also produced other inflatable products, such as inflatable seats and inflatable tables. The ONESUN team also showcased these products at the ship exhibition and received good feedback.

Overall, the products and technologies showcased by the ONESUN team have been well recognized and evaluated, which further proves our research and innovation capabilities in the field of aquatic sports products. I believe that in the near future, the ONESUN team will perform even better and create a better aquatic sports experience for users.

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